AV Service & Maintenance

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  • We service all brands of audio, video, control, and video conferencing equipment.
  • We service on site at your facility; if needed, we will remove, repair/replace, and reinstall serviced AV equipment.
  • We can also provide general training to key personnel upon request.
  • We offer a preventative maintenance service agreement with scheduled preventive maintenance, loaner equipment, and online monitoring of AV systems with capability (see below).

An AV maintenance agreement with 32 Degree Audio can offer:

  • A fixed AV maintenance cost, based on your AV System requirements.
  • All service needed to make minor adjustments and to further customize a control system, if one has been installed, in order to optimize the original system.
  • Service labor to diagnose system malfunctions and the removal of failed components to be repaired within the manufacturer’s specified warranty period. Periodic maintenance visits to perform any required maintenance, test the system, and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Extra protection for your most expensive components and, if requested, coverage of cables and connectors (not including batteries and lamps). The opportunity to identify faulty components BEFORE they cause a major problem.